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Play & Earn: RollerCoin!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

RollerCoin is a free to play browser-based game where you can earn real crypto!

The main objective is to accumulate power which in turn can be assigned to mine one or more crypto coins. These can be withdrawn to your crypto wallet or reinvested into the game to gain even more mining power which in turn yields more crypto rewards.

The #1 player is currently earning about $200.000 every year in passive income!

RollerCoin has been around since 2018, proving to be a stable and trustworthy project for those interested in crypto. They have managed to reach over 3.8M registered users as of July 2023.

The game has a cute pixel art style, bringing back memories of the days of arcade gaming.

How to start playing?

Go to and create an account. If you join using this link you will receive a starting bonus of 1000 Satoshi (0.00001 BTC).

Once you log in you will see your mining room. This is where you can place your miners which will passively generate income for you. Miners can be bought from the in-game store, from other players on the marketplace, or received as random drops from playing arcade games.

You want to acquire as many miners as possible, as they provide permanent power which will mine crypto for you even when you are not playing! To place a miner in your room you need a rack. These can also be bought from the in-game store or on the marketplace.

How to acquire power?

Power is needed to mine crypto in RollerCoin, but don’t worry, it’s all a simulation, so you don’t have to pay for actual electricity.

The simplest way to gain power is by playing arcade games. Currently you can choose between 12 games with another 3 coming soon. For each game you win you will receive a small amount of power which will last for 24 hours. By winning more games your PC will be upgraded and your power rewards from games will last longer, up to a week with the best PC.

The power you have accumulated is used to mine cryptocurrencies. Which ones is up to you. You can choose to allocate all your power on mining just one coin or split it between some or even all available coins. The more power you have, the bigger the share of crypto you receive. To start with, I would recommend assigning all your available power to mining RLT, as this will give the best return and speed up your progress in RollerCoin. When you have accumulated enough RLT, you should be looking to buy your first miner (or maybe you were lucky and received one as a random reward from playing games already). Once placed in your room, miners will provide permanent power. It is therefore recommended that you try to get as many miners as quickly as possible, to build up your permanent mining power for a more stable and effortless passive income stream.

Which crypto coins can you mine?

1. RLT – Roller Token (the main currency of the game, 1 RLT is equal to $1)

2. RST – Roller Season Token

3. BTC - Bitcoin

4. ETH - Ethereum

5. BNB – Binance Coin

6. MATIC - Polygon

7. LTC - Litecoin

8. DOGE - Dogecoin

9. SOL - Solana

10. TRX - Tron

With each season a new coin is usually added, providing the players with even more mining rewards/options.

Task Wall & Leaderboard To speed up your progress in RollerCoin even further, you can complete different tasks for RLT directly. These can be found in the Task Wall section. Every week 10.000 RLT is awarded amongst the top 100 participants, so there is a lot to be gained here!

Final Thoughts

All in all RollerCoin is a pretty chill game which rewards you with crypto for your time. It is free to play but if you want to achieve a decent passive income you have to play a lot, and for a long time. The daily quests and weekly quests, in addition to events, giveaways and contest will help you on your way. It is also possible to invest in the game by transferring supported currencies over and exchanging them into RLT. You can then buy more powerful miners to substantially increase your income.

If you are the type of person who likes to optimize your earnings, RollerCoin has a Discord community with excel sheets and additional tools to help you compare miners, prices and make the best decisions for what to purchase, sell and so on. I hope you will find this game as fun and addictive as I have :)

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